Interactions & experiments
Bounce I.T
Branding / Animation
Concept for 2complex
Experimental navigational UI
Message sent
quick transition demo example
Awesome game I designed once upon a time.
Still available on apple and android platforms
Dizzy Dayz
Pre-loader character concept
˅ Down up ˄
transitional experiment
The L.I.S.A experient
L . U . M . O . S
Snippet interaction design for the Lumos app I worked on
JOHN 3:16
Music player concept
Experimental typographical promo
Simple loader animation
Experimental music app I am working on
Self promotional video
Experimenting around some transitions for product selection
Getting carried away with some crazy transitions
You spin me right round
Symbolic tale
Playing around with some symbols and interactions
Clean . simple . website
Designed and built this for a friend of mine.
He's awesome check him out @
Quiz game concept.
What's in the box
Smart watch concept.
Working on a smart watch concept, along with the UI side of things
Wake up! - Grab a brush and put a little makeup
Simple application interaction.
This is what happens when someone likes your profile
Dark theme audi selector
Always bet on B.L.A.C.K
Light theme audi selector
Into the light
Browsing watches should be fun.
Why not play around with some rolexes to create some cool interactions
Natwest app
Experiementing with how I would re-design app interactions and design look
Archived - Interactive ads
Once upon a very long time ago, I used to design loads of kick ass interactive ads
Prototyping is cool.
Playing around with some transitions
An old experimental website.
Delivered some pretty rich content / experience on this one.
It even made it on the CSSDA article page here