Interactions & experiments
NEOBRED - Desktop
Award winning website I designed for Neobred
NEOBRED - Mobile
Awesome Blossom
Abstract pre-loader experiment
"Searching for"
Interaction test
Some burdens...
Exploring interaction possibilities
Skytrak teaser I'm working on
Bounce I.T
Sometimes life just gives you balls...
Branding / Animation
Concept for 2complex
Experimental navigational UI
Message sent
quick transition demo example
Awesome game I designed once upon a time.
Still available on apple and android platforms
Dizzy Dayz
Pre-loader character concept
˅ Down up ˄
transitional experiment
The L.I.S.A experient
L . U . M . O . S
Snippet interaction design for the Lumos app I worked on
JOHN 3:16
Music player concept
Experimental typographical promo
Simple loader animation
Experimental music app I am working on
Self promotional video
Experimenting around some transitions for product selection
Getting carried away with some crazy transitions
You spin me right round
Past concept work for a new 7up brand
Symbolic tale
Playing around with some symbols and interactions
Clean . simple . website
Designed and built this for a friend of mine.
He's awesome check him out @
Quiz game concept.
What's in the box
An interactive project I worked on many years ago
Experimental HUD concept I designed for a good friend of mine, MILAN!
Abstract loader loop
Smart watch concept.
Working on a smart watch concept, along with the UI side of things
Wake up! - Grab a brush and put a little makeup
Simple application interaction.
This is what happens when someone likes your profile
Dark theme audi selector
Always bet on B.L.A.C.K
Light theme audi selector
Into the light
A VFX breakdown
Once upon a time I was into visual effects / compositing
Some old work I did for paramount pictures
Browsing watches should be fun.
Why not play around with some rolexes to create some cool interactions
Natwest app
Experiementing with how I would re-design app interactions and design look
Archived - OOH ad
One of many Samsung ads I have made a while ago
Archived - Interactive ads
Once upon a very long time ago, I used to design loads of kick ass interactive ads
Prototyping is cool.
Playing around with some transitions
An old experimental website.
Delivered some pretty rich content / experience on this one.
It even made it on the CSSDA article page here